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Going to the dentist was always a bit of a thrill for me. I'm not quite sure if it was my mother's promise to pay me $5 for each cavity free visit or the awesome toys my dentist kept in the waiting room that led to my initial love of dentistry, but one thing is for sure. My early love of dentistry has helped me to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile throughout my entire life. I am convinced that the more we know about dentistry and how it can impact our lives, the more likely we will be to develop good oral hygiene habits. That is why I have decided to start this blog so that everyone can have access to the latest information in the world of dentistry.


Six Things That May Surprise You When You Get Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best tooth replacement options available. Many patients who opt for dental implants enjoy numerous pleasant surprises once they begin the process of getting dental implants.

The following are six things that may surprise you when you get dental implants. 

How natural dental implants look

The natural look of dental implants is probably one of the biggest benefits and most pleasant surprises of having dental implants used to replace missing teeth. Dental implants look, feel, and function exactly like natural teeth. Because dental implants are so natural, they won't cause speech impediments like dentures tend to do. 

How many options there are available to make dental implants more affordable

Dental implants are typically the most expensive option available for replacing missing teeth. However, patients may be surprised at how affordable they can actually be and at all the resources and options they can rely on to afford the dental implant procedure.

Of course, carrying dental insurance is one of the best ways to make dental implants more affordable. Taking advantage of financing offerings that your dentist provides could be another way to get dental implants without having to pay a large amount of money upfront. 

How long dental implants last

Dental implants last longer than any other type of tooth replacement that dentists can offer. In fact, the implant screw that is used during the dental implant procedure can last indefinitely if implants are taken care of properly. The crown portion of the implant can be expected to last somewhere around 15 years to 20 years

How effective dental implants can be at restoring dental health

If you have had a lot of dental problems in the past, getting dental implants could be a great way to turn things around for yourself in terms of dental health.

Dental implants themselves cannot develop cavities. Getting dental implants can fortify your mouth by strengthening neighboring teeth. Dental implants also help to prevent gum disease and bone loss in the jaw.

How easy dental implants are to take care of

Dental implants don't require any more care than natural teeth require. You simply need to brush, floss, and go to routine dental checkups to take good care of your dental implants through the years. 

How much more confident you can be with dental implants

With dental implants, you are likely to find that you're much more confident in social situations thanks to their natural look and feel. 

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