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Exploring The World Of Dentistry

Going to the dentist was always a bit of a thrill for me. I'm not quite sure if it was my mother's promise to pay me $5 for each cavity free visit or the awesome toys my dentist kept in the waiting room that led to my initial love of dentistry, but one thing is for sure. My early love of dentistry has helped me to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile throughout my entire life. I am convinced that the more we know about dentistry and how it can impact our lives, the more likely we will be to develop good oral hygiene habits. That is why I have decided to start this blog so that everyone can have access to the latest information in the world of dentistry.


Assessing Your Options For Replacing A Missing Tooth

If you are missing a tooth, there are placement options available to allow you to correct this serious dental issue. However, it is important to be informed about these options so that you can make the appropriate decisions for your specific needs.

Are Dental Implants An Affordable Solution For A Missing Tooth?

Unfortunately, the cost is an issue that people will have to balance as they are looking into their tooth replacement options. When assessing the costs of tooth replacement options, it is important to consider the total costs that will be involved with the replacement solution. For example, the cost of having a bridge placed will typically be lower than the cost of a dental implant. However, the bridge will have a much shorter lifespan than a full dental implant, and this can have the result in the bridge needing to be replaced more frequently. This can incur a surprisingly high cost over the lifetime of the bridge, and this can make the use of a dental implant the more cost-effective solution over the lifetime of the patient despite its higher placement costs.  

Can Implants Be Used To Address Multiple Missing Teeth?

There are some people that will suffer from having several teeth missing. For a patient that has experienced this level of tooth loss, it may be easy to think that they will need to have an implant placed for each of their missing teeth. Depending on the number of implants that would be needed for a full replacement, this could quickly prove to be a very costly option. Luckily, a patient will be able to adopt a hybrid approach that will allow them to utilize both implants and bridges to restore tier smile in an affordable option. While it is possible for a person to use implants to replace all of their teeth, this can be more costly than using a couple of implants to serve as anchors for a bridge.

Will It Be Hard To Adjust To Having The New Implants?

Adjusting to life with a dental implant will not be a difficult task for most people. Generally, patients will find that they acclimate to wearing their dental implants fairly quickly. Depending on the particular needs of the patient, this may occur in as little as a few days. Until this happens, a patient may want to make it a point to chew more slowly so that they can reduce the risk of biting their tongue or biting too hard.