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Dental Bridge: Choosing The Right Attachment Method For Your Needs

A dental bridge is a good option for replacing a few teeth. However, before you can get one, it is important to know more about the attachment methods. With this information, you can pick the right type of dental bridge for your personal needs.

Fixed Bridge

The first option you have is a fixed bridge, which generally has two crowns on each end and the new false teeth in the middle. With this method, the dentist first creates a pink plate out of plastic that will fill in the gap. The space directly underneath the false teeth is usually hollow, which is what allows the bridge to fit securely over your gums so it blends in.

To prepare for the bridge, the dentist will grind down the two teeth that will get the crowns. This allows the crowns to fit over the teeth without being bulky. To adhere the crowns, an adhesive is used, which glues them in place so the bridge does not shift while you eat.

Some dentists do offer another type of fixed bridge that uses a resin composite instead of crowns. With this option, the resin is used to create thin caps that go over the two side teeth and the dentist attaches the false teeth directly to the resin. The only problem with this type of bridge is that without the pink plate, it is not as strong, so it may break over time.

Dental Implant Bridge

In some cases, there is not a second tooth that can be used for attaching the bridge. In this situation, a dental implant bridge is a good option to use.

Instead of replacing all of your missing teeth with implants, you can replace one tooth with an implant. After the implant heals, the dentist can then attach one side of the bridge to the implant and the other part of the bridge attaches to an existing tooth. This method works well for those who want to replace their back teeth after an extraction.

However, this process does take additional time to complete, because the implantation site needs time to heal. Additionally, some people are not suitable candidates for this procedure due to bone density issues or other health related reasons. For this reason, you will need to consult a dentist that specializes in implants to find out if you can get this type of bridge.

Before you choose a specific type of dental bridge, it is important to know what attachment methods are available for you. By working with a dentist and gathering some additional information, you will have an easier time choosing the right bridge for your dental needs.

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