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Exploring The World Of Dentistry

Going to the dentist was always a bit of a thrill for me. I'm not quite sure if it was my mother's promise to pay me $5 for each cavity free visit or the awesome toys my dentist kept in the waiting room that led to my initial love of dentistry, but one thing is for sure. My early love of dentistry has helped me to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile throughout my entire life. I am convinced that the more we know about dentistry and how it can impact our lives, the more likely we will be to develop good oral hygiene habits. That is why I have decided to start this blog so that everyone can have access to the latest information in the world of dentistry.


How Dental Crowns Can Benefit You

Are your teeth starting to decay and show visible signs of deterioration? If so, you might be a good candidate for one or more dental crowns. Dental crowns can be used to fix a wide variety of dental issues. You obviously should not come to this decision without first talking to your dentist, but here's why you might want to bring up the subject of dental crowns today:

Hide Decay and Prevent a Decayed Tooth From Getting Any Worse

A dental crown is essentially a shield that is put on over top of your natural tooth. If you have teeth that are not visually appealing because of decay, a dental crown will help remove the tooth from view and can help restore a more natural appearance. More importantly, from a dental health standpoint, covering your natural tooth with a dental crown will help shield it from additional damage. Any chewing you do will be done with the dental crown and the natural tooth underneath can avoid further decay. A dental crown is a great way to save a tooth that might be on its way toward getting pulled if you continue down the same path.

Avoid Pulling a Cracked or Broken Tooth

A cracked or broken tooth can be painful and it can also be visually unappealing. The easiest solution for many cracked or broken teeth is to just pull them out. However, if you can't afford a dental implant to replace the natural tooth, you might be left with a gap in your smile and that's no good either. A dental crown that is put over a cracked or broken tooth will restore a more natural appearance, hiding the damage that is underneath. Your dentist may also be able to fuse the cracked tooth back together prior to putting crown on, and the end result is you won't feel any more pain when you bite down in that area of your mouth.

Get a Better Smile

You don't have to have anything wrong with your teeth to get a dental crown. Perhaps your tooth is technically healthy but it's also a shape that is not quite "normal." If you have an awkwardly-shaped tooth that is messing up your smile, a dental crown will help provide more of the look you are hoping for. You'll be able to smile with ease and confidence in photos from now on once the crown is installed.

Talk to your dentist about the benefits of dental crowns today.